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ROW#6 Updates

  • A call for suggestions and participation is now active and we are seeking topic related proposals. Please email us at to discuss suggestions.


The Registration Operations Workshop (ROW) was conceived as an informal industry conference that would provide a forum for discussion of the technical aspects of registration operations in the domain name system.

The last ROW-related event took place as a series of Registration Operations Introduction tutorials during the ICANN 57 meeting, in Hyderabad, India. To continue on the path of bringing existing communities of interest together, the Program Committee will hold the next ROW event, in Madrid, immediately after the GDD Industry Summit and prior to OARC 26.

The 6th ROW meeting will be therefore held on on Friday 12 May 2017, at the same venue as the GDD Summit: Hotel NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, Madrid, Spain.

Format and length of ROW#6 will adapt in order to maximize its role and enable as much discussion as needful. We are currently exploring an agenda covering from tutorials to technical and operational experience presentations, use of the testing suite, ROW experts group discussions, etc with a focus on Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) deployments and Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) extensions.


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