ROW#5 – Hyderabad, India

ROW # 5 tutorials were held November 3rd and 4th, 2016, at the ICANN 57 meeting, in Hyderabad, India.

Thank You to ROW#5 Sponsors: ICANN and VERISIGN

ROW#5 Agenda:

All times are India Standard Time (IST) (UTC +05:30 hours)

ROW#5 session 1 recording:

ROW#4 – Buenos Aires

ROW # 4 was held April 3rd, 2016, at the Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel, Argentina.

Thank You to ROW#4 Sponsors: ICANN and VERISIGN

ROW#4 Agenda:

All times are Argentina Time (Standard Time) (UTC -03:00 hours)

ROW#4 survey may be accessed using the following link:

ROW#4 session recording:

ROW#3 – Prague

ROW # 3 was held July 19th, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic.

Thank You to ROW#3 Sponsors: Afilias, CNNIC. and

ROW#3 Schedule:

  • 12:30 Opening the Registration Operations Workshop
  • 12:35 Andrew Newton [ARIN] – RDAP: A Primer to the Registration Data Access Protocol
  • 12:50 Gustavo Lozano [ICANN] – gTLD RDAP profile
  • 13:15 Scott Hollenbeck [VERISIGN] – Federated Authentication for RDAP
  • 13:40 Audric Schiltknecht [Viagenie] – RDAP Test Suite
  • 14:00 Coffee break
  • 14:15 Frederico Neves [] – .br RDAP implementation experience and deployment plans
  • 14:40 Weiping Yang [CNNIC] – RESTful WHOIS
  • 15:05 Jaromir Talir [CZ.NIC] – RDAP in .CZ
  • 15:30 Andrew Newton [ARIN] – Beyond the IETF’s Vision of RDAP
  • 15:55 Johan Heylen [DNS Belgium] – RDAP @ DNS Belgium
  • 16:05 Open discussion
  • 16:25 Closing

All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST timezone: UTC +02:00 hours)

ROW#3 recorded session may be accessed below:

Material presented at ROW#3 may be accessed by the following links:

  1. RDAP: A Primer to the Registration Data Access Protocol – Andrew Newton [ARIN]
  2. gTLD RDAP profile – Gustavo Lozano [ICANN]
  3. Federated Authentication for RDAP – Scott Hollenbeck [VERISIGN]
  4. RDAP Test Suite – Audric Schiltknecht [Viagenie]
  5. .br RDAP implementation experience and deployment plans – Frederico Neves []
  6. RESTful WHOIS – Weiping Yang [CNNIC]
  7. RDAP in .CZ – Jaromir Talir [CZ.NIC]
  8. Beyond the IETF’s Vision of RDAP – Andrew Newton [ARIN]
  9. RDAP @ DNS Belgium – Johan Heylen [DNS Belgium]

 ROA#2 – Dallas

ROW#2 was held March 22nd, 2015 at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Thank You to ROW#2 Sponsors: GoDaddy and

ROW#2 Schedule:

Start TimePresenter and Topic 
12:30Opening the Registration Operations Workshop 
12:35Scott Hollenbeck [Verisign] RFC 7451 EPP Introduction 
12:50Jim Gould [Verisign] – Registering an EPP Extension 
1:05Jacques Latour [CIRA] – French character IDN bundling 
1:25Ning Kong [CNNIC] – 2 Extensions; Differentiated contact information for Back-end Registry & Purveyor (registrar agents) 
1:45Break (refreshments) 
2:00Gavin Brown [CentralNic] & Keith Gaughan [Blacknight] – Payment for premium domains 
2:30Olafur Gudmundsson [CloudFlare] & Jacques Latour [CIRA] – 3rd party managed SRS access 
3:00Jim Gould [Verisign] – Allocation Token Extension, the Change Poll Extension, and the IDN Table Mapping extensions 
3:30Richard Barnes [Mozilla] – Let’s encrypt (ACME protocol) 
4:00Open Discussion 

All times are US Central Daylight Time (Chicago UTC/GMT -05:00 hours)

Material presented at ROW#2 may be accessed by the following links:

  1. Registration Operations Association Workshop 2015-1 – Scott Hollenbeck [Verisign]
  2. CIRA IDN EPP Extension – Jacques Latour [CIRA]
  3. Proposal for EPP Extension of Purveyor – Ning Kong [CNNIC]
  4. EPP Fee Extension – Gavin Brown [CentralNic]
  5. Distributing premium and reserved domain lists in new gTLDs – Keith Gaughan [Blacknight]
  6. Registration Maintenance ! = Internet Speed – Olafur Gudmundsson [CloudFlare]
  7. EPP Extension Discussion – Jim Gould [Verisign]
  8. Let’s Encrypt – Richard Barnes [Mozilla]

 ROA#1 – Los Angeles

ROA #1 was held Oct 16, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Thank You to ROA#1 Sponsor: VERISIGN

ROA#1 Schedule:

7:30-8:00Breakfast for Attendees
8:00-9:00Presentation and Discussion of the Problem Statement
  • 8-8:20 – Registration Operations Association Workshop – Scott Hollenbeck
  • 8:20-8:40 –  EPP from a Registrar’s Perspective – Thomas Stocking []
  • 8:40-9:00 – Challenges from a Registrar’s Perspective – Tobias Sattler [UnitedDomains] and Peter Larson [Larsen Data ApS]
9:00-9:20Registration Operations, a Technologist’s Perspective – Jim Gould [Verisign]
9:20-10:00 Presentation of Proposals
  • 9:20-9:40 – Management Proposal for the Registration Operations Association – Paul Hoffman [Levine and Hoffman]
  • 9:40-10:00 – Thoughts on the Idea of a ROA – Thomas Rickert []
10:00-10:20 Break
10:20-10:40Continued Presentation of Proposals
  • 10:20-10:40 – The Fast Path to Collaboration for ROA – Adam Newman [IEEE-ISTO]
10:40-12:00Discussion of Proposals with Questions and Answers
12:00-12:45Lunch for Attendees
12:45-1:45 Open Discussion of Next Steps, Actions, and Decisions

All times are Pacific Standard Time (UTC/GMT -08:00 hours)

Material presented at ROA#1 may be accessed by the following links:

  2. EPP from a Registrar’s Perspective – Thomas Stocking []
  3. Challenges from a Registrar’s Perspective – Tobias Sattler [UnitedDomains] and Peter Larson [Larsen Data ApS]
  4. Registration Operations, a Technologist’s Perspective – Jim Gould [Verisign]
  5. Management Proposal for the Registration Operations Association – Paul Hoffman [Levine and Hoffman]
  6. Thoughts on the Idea of a ROA – Thomas Rickert []
  7. The Fast Path to Collaboration for ROA – Adam Newman [IEEE-ISTO]